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Claudia Boldura - Artist & Gallery Owner

The Project

Art is for everyone!
There is no 'High Art' or 'Low Art ' - just Art.
There are no styles or schools of Art - just shared Creativity, which means equality in art.


My aim is to bring artists and the public in contact to inspire one another so that art becomes a conversation and exchange between people.


Claudia is an autodidact with 20 years experience working with found materials, principally wood and stone but also canvas

She uses oils, acrylic, pens, crayons, wax and various varnishes to create emergent form - generally figurative but also abstract. Claudia's Gallery Page


Influenced by the work of her artistic educational teacher Paolo Soragna,she learned to detect form in the existing structure of the found material: grain in wood, fissures in rock - even scribbles or impurities in paper or cardboard. The form emerges as a deliberate act of imagination or discovery - that may become defined as a figure or theme, but always retains some ambiguity. There may be some influence from 'primitive' or 'outsider' art - although these terms seem outdated and unsatisfactory.

She works with themes of emotional emergence - organic growth, emotional bonding and solidarity (including maternity and physical/spiritual love).

The mode of expression tends towards freedom and the images are drawn from the immediate environment - the mountains of the Cretan interior and the multi-faceted global society wherein we live.

Emotions, spiritual and physical emerge, spontaneously leaving  to everyone the opportunity to imagine the story that in silence is writing  in her painting.

Painted stone
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