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This is the story.......

In 2017, (after a long time), I had the opportunity to manage a cultural space dedicated to artistic expression; mine and that of  other artists  from all over the world...


The concept was clear from the beginning:

Art is for everyone!
There is no 'High Art' or 'Low Art ' - just Art.
There are no styles or schools of Art - just shared Creativity, this means equality in art.

I believe that emotions are fundamental, in life as in art.
I want to start a conversation with everyone about creativity and emotions, with no filters of any kind,.

I don't believe there ever was a 'genuine' Art reserved only for a select few.

The cavemen who first tried to draw an animal or figure on rock were not only speaking to their communities, they also speak to us now - across the abyss of thousands of years.

In the nature of Art there is a capacity to experience emotions, to express them in creative practice, and to SHARE.
This is the project of the

"ART FLOW" Studio Gallery.

My aim is to bring artists and the public in contact to inspire one another so that art becomes a conversation and exchange between people. Welcome to ART.


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Get on board with us

  Info about how:

- Exhibit with us  

- Join art competition .

Διαγωνισμός τέχνης 2023


The Art Competition Finalists Exhibition takes place between 13-21th May 2023.

Submission deadline April 11.

Opening Night May 13th .


Closing Night Prize Presentation May 21th.

Join us at the Gallery in Paleochora.

We would also be delighted to hear from Artists who are interested in Exhibiting at the Art Flow Gallery in 2023 season. Contact e-mail:

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